Coffee Stained Lens: Why does my stomach hurt after I drink coffee now?

This was my question a few weeks ago when I picked up a new coffee to try. Actually, I didn’t pick it out. I ordered a different brand from Walmart for Pickup, they didn’t have it, so they substituted it for Caffe Fair. I’ve had Caffe Fair before and I don’t remember anything bad from it, so I was still excited. But after drinking it for about a week, my stomach was in knots every day before I got to lunch…what the heck?

To be totally honest with you, I wasn’t eating enough when I initially noticed the stomach pains. I was in such a rush to get to work (or I just didn’t feel like making breakfast) I forgot to eat. However, even when I did eat, my stomach was still hurting.

As per usual I rushed to Google to tell me I was either dying, or just anxious. It’s normally anxiety but this time, coffee was indeed the culprit. While it was just my guess initially and I could’ve been wrong — I am in no way a medical professional — after a quick search, I saw that there were many reasons why coffee could contribute to my stomach pains.

For starters, light roast coffees are more acidic than dark roasts. I looked at the coffee bag and it said “light roast” right there, in print! Ya’ll, on a personal note, I have had acid reflux for a while in college, so I should’ve been aware of this sooner because I normally go for light to medium roasts, and going darker would’ve at least helped that, right? The reason why I don’t go for darker blends is because it’s not as good black in my opinion, but that could also be the problem.

One blog mentions[1] that adding milk to your coffee could make it smoother. However, when you’re lactose intolerant, adding milk or cream can be a dangerous game! So I grabbed my back up 1850 Folgers Dark Blend coffee from the back of my cupboard in attempt to prevent the pain. In addition, I don’t drink coffee as soon as I wake up anymore. I didn’t find this suggestion anywhere, but I have heard that drinking water in the first couple hours of the day is better for you. I don’t know the science behind it or why it’s better, however I have seen significant improvement in my mornings. I’ve also been drink coffee less which has its downsides, but going for the darker, and less acidic, roast definitely helped in my case.

In my search, I also found some other ideas that could be useful other than choosing a different roast:

  • Cold Brew is also less acidic
    • Apparently, you can have this hot by just diluting the cold brew with hot water! (We’ll have to try that out!)
  • Adding milk, or stop adding milk (or switching it up with an alternative milk)
  • Change up your brewing method
  • The saddest one of all, cut back your caffeine intake.
  • Eat some toast or a banana with your coffee

I’ve added some resources that I found so if you’re extra curious about it, check them out. Like I said, I am not a professional, so do you have any tips?

As always, stay safe, health and be Kind!!

Happy Caffeination, Friends ❤


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