Coffee Stained Lens: More Hot Takes to heat your December

A tad bit later than planned but…let’s just hop right into this piping hot tea!

Hot Take #1—If other customers in a coffee shop come off as snobby and standoffish, it isn’t the coffeeshop’s fault, BUT if the baristas aren’t patient when you’re looking at the menu for the first time or they’re rude to you, that is the shop’s fault.

It really doesn’t matter why the barista is rude, it is the shop and the owner’s fault for many reasons. If that’s just the way the barista is and they hired them, then that’s part of the vibe they’re going for. If the Barista is just tired and not doing well (either mentally or physically) that means their leadership is not doing what they should be to help their people, whether that’s paying them well, treating them well, or even making sure the customers are treating them well. I say this as someone who has been in leadership positions and as someone who hopes to own my own business one day, you need to care about your employees for them to care about your business. On the other hand, there are just a lot of snobs that go to coffee shops, and that isn’t anyone’s fault except the pretentious seeming people.

Hot Take #2- There is almost always an air of pretentiousness in a coffee shop (or the potential for it) and a lot of it has to do with coffee drinkers themselves.

Like I mentioned in my previous blogpost, stop shaming people based of their coffee choices, and stop looking down on each other in a coffee shop. Chances are, you both went there to do the same thing…get coffee, sit down and attempt to get some work done. Or chat with someone. Or think to yourself. I just wish this community was more friendly offline, in the shops, and coffee aisle.

Hot Take #3- It’s needs to be okay to ask questions.

I don’t know how most baristas feel about customers asking questions, but I wish it would feel more okay to ask question when you first go to a coffee shop. When you go to a local one coffee shop it can be just as intimidating as ordering at bar for the first time. And to anyone that thought it was easy to order a drink for the first time, then congratulations to you but it can be really scary and confusing for first timers. That’s the same way getting coffee for the first time—overwhelming and nerve wracking. My advice is to ask questions or have someone who is seasoned go with you. Don’t worry about anyone else.

Hot Take #4 & #5- The Most important: Coffee shops need to close their indoor seating and/or pivot during this pandemic. I’m nervous to see what will happen to coffee shops this winter but I’m really excited for the innovation that’s to come

I’ve seen some coffee shops that gave up and just don’t care anymore. You’re putting your employees and customers in danger if you open your dining room and that’s not okay. I’ve also seen my favorite coffee shop (interval) turn into a corner store that only lets 4 people inside in addition to their pickup window. That’s definitely better.

I keep getting asked about whether or not I’ve been going to coffee shops, and every time I have to say it isn’t safe enough. In the summer with open seating and the nice weather to have some coffee at the park, it was alright. But now, it’s just pickup some coffee and go home. It sucks but you have to do what’s right for your community, and right now for me, that means saying no to coffee shop dining rooms. That means setting up a little “coffee nook” for myself in my bedroom away from my WFH station. Maybe a pandemic isn’t the best time to learn how to set boundaries, but it’s a really important time to do so. It’s been so hard, especially with the holidays and shorter days, but it’s gotta be done.

What boundaries have you been setting for this pandemic?

How has your coffee routine changed, or maintained!

Stay Safe, Healthy and as always, be Kind Friends! ❤

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