Coffee stained Lens: Hot takes with a hot beverage

I missed #NoNuanceNovember (Darn!) but let’s get spicy in December with my favorite topic…COFFEE!

After a few years of exploring coffee, coffee shops, and the culture that surrounds it, let me get a little real. For now, let’s focus in on just drinking coffee at home in honor of the fact that we are still in a pandemic.

Hot Take #1- We need to normalize better coffee drinking habits.

This means drinking water and eating breakfast with your coffee. Caffeine can help your headache, but if you aren’t drinking water with it, you aren’t staying as hydrated as you should be, and thus, your headache won’t go away. And your stomach will keep hurting. I might sound like a hypocrite saying this because I also just forget about water throughout my workday unless I have a giant cup of it at my desk. But that’s a priority that we all need to start to make if we are able…. Enough romanticizing or making cute jokes about having just an iced coffee for breakfast and wondering why your stomach hurts. Eat. A. Bagel. Or a muffin, but please just carry some water. (Full disclosure: if you aren’t there yet with your health, or you’re really busy—I get it. Keep working on you and doing what makes you happy. I know I say this with some privilege…I still hope you’re drinking water when you can/need).

Hot Take #2- It doesn’t matter how you brew your coffee.

Personally, I hate Keurig’s. I think they’re a waste of money and gross, BUT if it makes it the way you like and it helps you in the morning, enjoy it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Life is too short to be judging other people on how they brew their coffee and honestly, I’ve tried to tell the difference between drip coffee and French Pressed coffee…there’s very little difference to me.

Hot Take #3- We need to stop shaming people for drinking their coffee the way they like it.

I am fully aware this makes me sound as bitter as I enjoy my black coffee to be but yeah, I love black coffee. And in my opinion, you do not need anything extra if the beans are good, it’s not watered down and not burnt. But you keep pouring creamer in if you want. I won’t judge you as much as you judge me.

Hot take #4- Getting your coffee already ground up and not grinding them yourself is perfectly acceptable.

Yeah, grinding beans before you brew it is so much better than getting the ground up beans at the grocery store, but honestly you can make a satisfying cup without it. Like, don’t be ashamed of the fact that you just don’t have the time or the patience to grind your beans EVERY morning.

Hot Take #5- I try not to be so snooty about my beans, but the truth is, it needs to stop being seen as hipster-ish to want local, ethically sourced beans. I love Starbucks, but I love ethically sourced coffee more and am willing to pay more for coffee roasters to pay the employees a good wage and not kill the environment for the sake of bean juice. It’s okay if in your area, the best you can do is Starbucks or Maxwell House. However, if you’re at all able to, you need to make sure your money is going to companies that are inline with your morals. That goes for anything, but in regard to coffee…it just tastes better when the beans are roasted with care and love that local business provide.

In summary, if you can, shop ethically for your beans. Don’t shame people because they don’t grind their own beans or because they make drip coffee every morning. Just don’t shame other people based on their coffee choices in general. If they drink something basic, let them be basic. Nothing wrong with that. No matter how you make your coffee, please drink some water too and eat something if you’re able.  Keep an eye out for another post where perhaps I’ll drop some hot takes about coffee shops and coffee culture!

Stay safe and healthy. And of course Be Kind! ❤

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