At Home Coffee: Simple Syrups

A bunch of Rosemary and simple syrup.

Who knew making my own flavorings for coffee was so easy?

Probably a lot of people, but when my husband told me about the lady he worked with offering him coffee with rosemary in it, I was intrigued. So, I recently decided to try it out.

My first, and currently only batch, was pretty successful. In a saucepan, I just combined one (1) cup of sugar and one (1) cup of water and about a quarter (¼) cup of rosemary—actually I just added about three (3) sprigs of rosemary rather than measuring it out. After bringing it to a boil, I let it simmer for about a minute, removed it from heat, and let it set out for about 30 minutes.

When it was done, I took out the sprigs of rosemary and poured it into a jar and placed it straight in the fridge to cool before I used it.

I noticed it was better to use this with iced coffee rather than hot—the flavors definitely popped more while cold!

Honestly, doing this made me really realize how easy it is to make your own. Because I was able to make my own syrup, I controlled the amount of sugar (Torani is just too sweet for me personally).

That being said, next time I try for Rosemary, I might try a different strategy of steeping the rosemary in the syrup after the simple syrup cools down, as I’ve been told it’s a better move than what I did. It will just take longer overall for the syrup to be finished.

I plan on making more flavors in the future, to really practice and perfect my craft before starting my own café one day—and now my mind is spinning with what flavors I can experiment with, especially while still working from home. What are some of your favorite wild coffee drinks and flavors that are worth exploring at home?

Stay Safe, healthy and as always, Be kind! ❤

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