Coffee Shop Trials: Biggby’s

Sitting in a Sonnets class, with a coffee from the little convenience store on campus, I waited for the rest of the class to trickle in. As they did, a good friend came in and sat next to me with two large frozen drinks from Biggby Coffee. She had already drank half of one on her way here. I laughed as she told me she stopped to treat herself and realized on Wednesdays they have a Buy One, Get One deal so why not! Why not, indeed…

Probably because no one needs that much coffee at once. Of course I had (and still have) no room to talk. I was on my way to getting my second cup for the day after all. We ended our after-class exchanges by me taking the rest of her second with me to lunch and her going elsewhere.  I don’t remember what kind it was, but what I do remember is that it was delicious!

Unfortunately it’s pretty expensive and I didn’t get it very often. There isn’t even a Biggby in Milwaukee, but I would be remiss if I didn’t add Biggby to the coffee shop trials.

On our way back to Milwaukee in December, we stopped by a Biggby’s in a small town and ordered two of their specialty drinks. They were busy, especially considering it was a small town. The wait, though, was worth it. It was hubby’s first time getting Biggby, and he was impressed to say the least. It’s kind of expensive but not like Starbucks expensive. Biggby is definitely where you can get a quality beverage—frozen or hot—it’s always good! 

If you happen to find yourself with extra cash and want to treat yourself, skip Starbucks and go to Biggby and treat yourself right if you can! I recently took a 30-minute trek to Biggby for a taste of their Tiramisu Latte. I don’t normally drink lattes, but this one was worth the drive! ❤

Happy Caffeination, Friends! Stay safe, healthy and as always—Be kind!

3 responses to “Coffee Shop Trials: Biggby’s”

  1. Thanks for the info on Biggby’s. There is one in Plainfield, Indiana that a pass regularly and am curious. I am a coffee loves and will try just about every place I see. Your post just moved Biggby’s closer to the top of the list…Thanks!

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