Coffee Stained Lens: Deadlines and Forgiveness

Yesterday morning I woke up and walked straight to the table where bacon and eggs were being served and family already surrounding it. I poured myself a cup of coffee and ate in peace and laughter. My husband went on about work and current news with his dad and suddenly, I stopped in my tracks—I forgot to post a blog post on time. I messed up my own deadline because I’ve been enjoying my time with family eating my favorite meal. “Oh no” I thought sarcastically.

While I understand deadlines are important, what’s important is understanding which deadlines are more important in the moment. And unfortunately, because of the circumstances and the events of the past few months, I chose to spend some time with my family instead of sitting down and writing a Sunday blogpost.

At first, I felt bad that I forgot and that I missed a deadline. I don’t miss deadlines. I always finish my work ahead of schedule and you can ask any manager or supervisor that I’ve had. Unless there are giant mountains that I don’t know how to get over without guidance, I get the job done. It’s in my DNA, or at least shouldn’t it be?

To an extent, yeah. Deadlines are important. They keep us organized and you should always use them to manage your time. That’s why I still use a bullet journal despite the uncertainty. But, when you set your own deadlines, you need to flexible and in life you need to learn to forgive yourself when you mess up. Dust yourself off, set a new goal, and plan out action steps to meet the goal. Keep yourself accountable, but don’t hurt yourself in the process.

Outside of deadlines and time management, forgiveness can be a tough feat. It takes empathy, compassion, and understanding on a whole other level. But it’s important to figure it out and forgive whoever, or whatever, caused you the pain you feel. Even if it’s yourself when you spill coffee grounds all over the floor. Or if it’s a loved one who makes poor decisions. Sometimes it seems like people don’t care and are acting awfully for no reason, but the truth is there’s a reason for it that we may never understand. And yet, God says to forgive—a feat that I’m still learning but when I’m successful at it, there’s an angry weight lifted off my shoulders. As cliché as that sounds—it’s true.

There’s no reason to let yourself be upset for too long. Feel your feelings, be upset, cry, scream and when you’re done doing whatever you need to do, wipe up your tears and move forward. It’s easier said than done, but maybe it’s easier with practice. And maybe with practice, I can forgive myself and move one.

Happy Caffeination, Friends! Stay safe, healthy and as always—Be kind!

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