Coffee Stained Lens: Reflection, Meditation and Checking in—-Are You Keeping it Up?

It has been approximately 2 months since this has started, but it feels like a century! As states begin to open up, I debate my own next steps. Are states actually ready to open? Not really. So what should I do? I can’t stay on pause forever, right?

Of course not.

So I took some time to reflect; I spent a few hours crying and spent several hours laying outside on a blanket. I wrote my scribbled my thoughts on paper in little pictures and I skipped the self-care habit tracker this week. Today, I threw caution to the wind with my baking and created my own brownie recipe. And I did A LOT of honest talking with those around me, myself and, of course, with God.

While we are all on the edge of our seats, debating on taking a step outside to the bar that’s opening up, let’s just take a step back and check in. This time though, check in with yourself. What are you really feeling right now? Anger? Stress? Anxiety? Relief maybe?

Honestly, I let myself forget what brings me joy—coffee chats, meeting new people, date nights, baking. Even writing this blog post feels redundant, but this pandemic isn’t over, so let’s remember to check in with ourselves while we’re checking in on our families and friends.

Ask yourself:

What brings me joy? What brings my friends joy? How can I bring some joy to my housemates or neighbors (or family)? Is there someone else that can relate to my situation that I can talk to? What have I been neglecting? What can I stop doing to help myself? Have I read recently?

For me, I’ve been neglecting my relationships and the outside world a little bit. I’ve been looking at details rather than seeing the bigger picture like I should have been this whole time.

 I don’t have a solution, but I do know what worked for me. Taking some time to reflect and meditate, and then verbally talk about what brings me joy and what I have to be grateful for. Here are some resources and reminders:

  • Try Zentangles! It’s drawing that’s meditative and fun! (Shout out to Rachel B for introducing me!)
  • Try out one of those free classes online, if you can.
  • Remember this isn’t a race, and you are doing great.
  • Check out this YouTuber for some fun Ab workouts!
  • Try out a new Yoga app?
  • If you’re working from home, don’t work in bed. Create your own workstation. (Take this chance to be creative!)
  • The app called “Libby” can help you find books if your library is offering any services.

Happy Caffeination, Friends! Stay Safe, Healthy and as always, Be Kind!

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