Coffee (Shop) Trials: Starbucks vs. Dunkin….vs Tim Horton’s

That’s right people! While in Wisconsin, I’ve only debated about Dunkin and Starbucks but as a true Michigander I have to bring Tim Hortons into the mix. As I got older, I watched Tim Hortons take over Michigan—or at least, my little part of Michigan. It almost became an easy staple for my friends when the local places were closed.

Yes, I am a strong believer that if you’re going to a coffee shop, you might as well skip the corporations and go straight for a local coffee spot. The roasts are normally more flavorful, the vibes are unique, and you never know who you’re going to meet. However, I have been known to stop by Starbs with a coworker to grab a warm beverage here and there, especially if it’s so convenient. And in Milwaukee, when I’m getting a donut from Dunkin, I might as well refill my mug, right? Right!

But if I were ever in the situation of having to choose and they were all at my disposal in an equal amount, where would I go?

(Taking Pastries and Donuts out of the way, of course!)

Let’s analyze this:

Starbucks. Yeah, they’re drinks are almost always the same and almost always good. But to be honest, until I got to a bigger city, I hated getting black coffee there because it tasted burnt. It wasn’t THAT enjoyable to drink no matter what I put in it. But once I got some at a Milwaukee location, my thoughts took a turn—I actually liked their Holiday Blend!

Now when you think of their at home products and brews, things get a little brighter for them as their Frappuccino drinks are addictive and convenient. Not to mention, you can get the same taste you want from their coffee brand at home with their coffee you can find in the store.

Tim Hortons. Honestly, the coffee isn’t that good. I only go there to visit with friends when they want to go. I tried so hard to like their plain coffee—I added different amounts of sugar and cream and anything else I could think of. But the only thing that could salvage it for me was making it iced coffee. (Pro tip: When the coffee tastes too strong, I add a lot of ice and make it iced coffee.)

I haven’t even bothered getting their grounds to try at home. Has anyone tried it? Is it worth my while?

Finally, Dunkin Donuts. The OG for donuts. But for coffee? In the shop, it’s not the best, but you can definitely add some creamer and sugar to make it pretty good. Plus, Dunkin does have a lot of fun types of drinks if you don’t want straight coffee. I’ve seen my coworkers get all sorts of frozen concoctions from there during our breaks. Wait times can be long, though!

I actually don’t have any complaints about their coffee to make at home. Their grounds are sweeter and flavorful usually. I really enjoy their hazelnut blend!

All this being said, who would I choose? It’s a tough call to make. If I’m trying to save, Dunkin Donuts is cheaper and safer, however, if I’ve been good about spending my money and need a pick me up, getting Starbucks may be the way to go. That being said, in the coffee aisle I would definitely pick Dunkin if these were my only options.

Happy Caffeination, Friends!

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