Coffee (Shop) Trials: Maxwell House vs. Folgers

In the homes of many, one of these infamous coffee brands have become a staple in pantries and cabinets. For my in-laws, it’s Maxwell House. For a few old friends it’s Folgers. Who’s the winner between the two? Let’s Discuss!

Maxwell House

Thanks to my father in-law, the taste of this coffee is a familiar one and one that I expect when someone offers me a cup of joe in their home. Of course, if I’m at the house of a coffee snob (like myself), chances are this isn’t what I’m getting. But when you’re looking for a basic staple that can still bring you joy on a crisp, frosted Monday, Maxwell House has your back in my opinion. It’s nice, light and fills your house with the beautiful aroma.

Personally, it makes me feel at home. Sipping on some warm Maxwell House medium roast brings a sense of peace to my chaotic mind.


I’ve only had this brand a few times, so I’m allowed to change my opinion later in life, and to be 100% transparent with you, I don’t entirely taste the difference between Maxwell and Folgers. They do have differences. Folgers has always had a bigger punch—sure! But to be honest, I prefer the calmness in times of messiness. Granted, the few times I’ve had Folgers have been connected to long days at work when I didn’t really have a chance to taste it before morning meetings.

How unfortunate. After this mess is over, I think I want to implement a small change in my morning routine and that change is this: Before I take a sip of coffee—no matter the brand—I plan to pause for 30 seconds to a minute and just focus on my breathing. Then maybe, I’ll be able to savor the tastes and the moments that life has handed me and will be handing me in the future.

While I don’t mind the taste of either of these brands, I still do my best to drink local and use fair trade coffee. While you’re rushing the store for these coffee canisters because it’s what you know, I have to remind you that there are so many brands and types of coffee to try at home! So many roasters right here in your state (whether I’m in Michigan or Wisconsin). Not to mention the MANY other brands right next to Maxwell and Folgers that I will be spending the next few weeks exploring.

If you have any brands in mind that you think I should try, comment and I might give it a go!

Happy Caffeination, Friends! Stay safe, healthy, and kind!

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