Coffee Stained Lens: A little bit of Grace

As I’ve had to adjust to this social distancing lifestyle over the past couple weeks, there was something that I’ve had to learn to do—give myself some grace and have a little faith. 

I’m someone that has to be doing something, constantly every second of every day. Even when I’m relaxing on my lunch break, I’m doing something—reading, texting, listening to music, talking. But now that life has slowed down and we really don’t know what it will bring us next, I, like many of my followers, have to slow down with this shift and remember that it’s okay to take it day by day. In fact, it may be necessary at this point.

This is traumatic—whether or not you want to believe it or if you want to make fun of it. People are losing their jobs that they don’t know if they’ll get back, people are working in “essential jobs” where they don’t know when they’ll see their families next, we don’t know when kids will go back to school—that shit does some damage. And all most of us can do (and should do) is sit at home, support those on the front-lines and pray. Keep ourselves occupied until some good news comes along.

My whole job is to help the community and to support students in school, and I can’t do that. I have always wanted to help others, and now I don’t know how to other than basic kindness and staying out of the way. So, while I’m doing that, I have to spend some time with myself and give myself grace. And as I sank deep inside the social media vortex (all while knowing that it was a stupid idea), I grew guiltier and more anxious.

Allow yourself to take care of yourself. You’re tired and sluggish? Remind yourself that it’s been 2 weeks since most schools shut down and at least one week that states have shut down businesses and restricted social gatherings.  Remind yourself that you are human, and humans are naturally social. Allow yourself to grieve if you need to.

Clean yourself up and clean up your space, and then take it one moment at a time. Drink your coffee one sip at a time. That’s some advice that I can give easier than take myself. In City Year, we talk about remembering the human aspect of everything we do. That includes now—we can’t forget that we are human, and our neighbors, friends, and families are human. We have feelings and thoughts and we all make mistakes and right now we have to hold on to what we have, gratefully.

(I don’t have any additional resources this weekend but I’m hoping and praying for the all the best for everyone. If there are any resources or concerns that you have, please share them so I can reshare them, and help spread the love.)

Stay safe. Stay healthy. And stay graceful and kind.

Happy Caffeination, Friends!

P.S. This is your weekly reminder to check in on that person that you haven’t checked in on recently.

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