Coffee Stained Lens: Coffee Dates! But Virtual…

After moving across Lake Michigan, I don’t know why it would take social distancing to have the idea of virtual coffee dates!

I could’ve been having virtual coffee dates with my friends and family back home this entire year but there I was, not video calling my bestie back home to have coffee with me each in our respectful homes. Imagine how much we could’ve saved. Imagine how much talking and writing  could have been done. But there was no thought about that because I didn’t have to think about that and because we were both so busy that it would be a question of is there time. But now that we are all stuck inside being socially responsible it definitely has become an option for me.

The idea came to me during a morning meeting. Every morning my team at work gets on a video call to talk about our “Intentions of the Day” and anything else our manager needs to tell us  before we start our days. Following suit of the in person meetings in the past, I grab my coffee to prepare. Unlike meetings in the past, I do this right after I get dressed and I break out my espresso machine once in a while because I have the time. After it’s done, I have just enough time to snuggle in the blanket next to me at my work station and sign into the meeting. I stare at my coworkers on the screen while I take a deep breath and drink my coffee.

Friday I made the joke, “Make sure you have your coffee!” although I think I was muted or no one heard me. Either way, I had the realization that I could have been having coffee dates virtually this whole week, or even this whole year.

Why do humans not think of these things until we absolutely need to? I’m sure someone in the realms of sociology or psychology could tell me but until they do, I’ll never know. And maybe instead of texting my family back home, I’ll video call them.

Resources for Social Distancing/Quarantine:

Also, speaking of video calling if you find yourself tired of doing things online by yourself, or need new ideas on what to do, some things to keep in mind:

  • Netflix has a Chrome Extension called Netflix Party where you can stream movies/shows with your friends simultaneously so it’s like going to the movies with friends but it’s cheaper, you obtain social distancing appropriately, and you can eat as much snacks as you want/can.
  • Skillshare (or maybe even YouTube tutorial videos)—Now is a great time to expand your knowledge or learn how to do that tech thing you’ve never been able to do. Skillshare, I’ve heard is free for the first month. (But I could be wrong)
  • Look into the online gaming community because there are video games out there for anyone to play.
  • Lastly, read. Read aloud to your family. Tell stories and write poetry. Sing. Create art. Dance. Because that’s what humans have always done in times like this. Continue to show your kids how to keep their brains active.

Happy Caffeination, Friends!

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