Coffee Stained Lens: Growing Pains

Less than a week ago, I was sitting in the little nook upstairs while I waited to watch the arrival of my new baby nephew. It was surreal, drinking coffee thinking about not only the life that was about to take it’s first breath outside of the womb. But I also had the realization that adulthood is here. My best friend growing up was about to have a baby and that morning I sat in a blue chair, sipping on my coffee, living exactly what a classmate in my Nonfiction class tried to describe when she was in a similar situation.

Adulthood had suddenly happened, full force, and there was no going back. To be honest, it’s relieving. Everyone complains about growing up and adulthood however there are so many more positives than negatives. Maybe that sounds like a child-like mindset but it’s true. I know this to be true especially after working with children. When you’re younger, everything seems way bigger than it is and your social emotional skills are at an all-time low. Your worldly view changes as you grow and experience new things. Achieving adulthood, means you understand more, or that you’re able to understand more (at least, hopefully adulthood and growth gives you the maturity to be open-minded).

Yeah, being adult means I have to pay bills, cook myself, and actually take responsibility for my actions but when at least adulting means that I have more freedom and control over my finances, and it means I have the choice to sip my coffee however I please as long as it’s not hurting others. And yeah, family growth could mean a lot of heartbreak and turmoil, but it also means new traditions like sitting at the table for Sunday breakfast.

It’s horrifying thinking about the generational shift in my family and thinking about how in a few years, the words “lets go out” won’t necessarily mean the same thing but I’m so thankful that we made it this far and blessed to see the bigger picture that my angsty teen self didn’t give a crap about!

Happy Caffeination, Friends!

One Reply to “Coffee Stained Lens: Growing Pains”

  1. Happy Caffeination from one coffee lover to another!

    I love this post. There are so many positives than negatives when it comes to adulthood. It’s a growing pain we can get through, but it’s rewarding in the end. This year will be the death of my 20’s and I’m SO ready to see what my 30’s will be like. Every person who I have seen enter that next phase in life has had a freak out moment, but it’s something to be excited about.

    Happy blogging!

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