Coffee Shop Trials: MKE Edition

My immediate supervisor has been one of my biggest supporters when it comes to this blog and if you remember from a previous post, she gave me a coffee mug along with a gift card to her favorite coffee shop in Milwaukee, Roast Coffee Company, for Christmas. She also attached a loving note that said she’ll be reading my blog. Honestly, this kind of support is what I need to push myself to keep going with my writing and take my art seriously.

So, I scheduled a coffee date to visit another little neighborhood coffeeshop a bus ride away from my apartment called the Roast Coffee Company. I’ve been here once so far so I may be jumping the gun a bit when I say I loved it. It was small but quaint. It definitely gave off some college vibes to which I’d like to graduate from eventually, if it’ll ever be possible. The college-esque vibe is forgivable when you realize not only is Milwaukee a college town, but Roast is extremely close to UW-Milwaukee. Of course it’s going to have these vibes and attract college aged customers.

Nonetheless, it was a nice little shop with a White Chocolate Mocha that Starbucks couldn’t hold a candle to and a Chaider that is reminiscent of coffeeshops past. In fact, it almost felt like I was walking back into Bay City’s Brewtopia not too long ago between class and therapy. I got the sense that it was earthy with modern with décor. Something about being there felt so mundane and pure…a quiet place to hash out your thoughts, whether that’s with a friend or by yourself. If you find yourself in that corner of Milwaukee needing to catch your breath, it wouldn’t hurt to stop in and stay a while.

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