Coffee Shop Trials: MKE Edition

While training at the main office, I saw The Coffee Bean’s sign across from Dunkin’ and yet, I still stayed my distance all the while curious. But then we started working within the schools and I decided to act on my curiosity. Back when I rode the bus, I ended up transferring busses right next door to The Coffee Bean and had to wait about 20 minutes. As it got colder, the days I regretfully didn’t have time to make coffee, I would scurry in and out getting my drink in between bus rides. Some days I was fine with black coffee and other days I added a shot of hazelnut and cream because I needed something a little sweet.

While my visits made those days start out better for my mental health, my bank account was practically yelling at me. Luckily, I began to carpool with coworkers and my husband, and I stopped my daily trips to the Coffee Bean pretty quick. That being said, I don’t mind running there in between training sessions or before a day at the office once in a while.

Truth be told, despite my good memories, the drinks are very rarely consistent. That being said, it was good coffee. Sometimes my cup would be overflowingly sweet but I love the atmosphere for a good morning coffeeshop visit/run and the barista is always nice and chatty. I’ve seen very few coffee shops that have cozy chairs near the front of the café around here. A few of those magical days included me reading while sipping my coffee and sinking into those cozy leather chairs while I waited to begin my day.

It goes to show, sometimes the risk is worth the benefit!

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