Coffee Shop Trials: MKE Edition

In November, a friend of mine and I decided to take a chance and meet up for a coffee. We’ve both been going through a lot after moving to a new state and needed a friend. This single coffee date with a work friend has so far turned into a beautiful friendship along a string of biweekly coffee dates. The initial coffee date was at Anodyne in Bay view on Kinnickinnic. I walk in and smelled the mixture of coffee and pizza. It was weird smell, but the vibe of coffee and pizza did entice me on some sort of small town family-like level. We got some fancy espresso drinks—she the Honeybee and me some sort of Muddy Buddy Mocha concoction—and had a seat. After a few seconds of silence, we began to relax and start talking.

The words flow so well over whipped cream covered coffee.

The actual coffeeshop is nice and small and definitely speaks to the vibes that Bay View gives when you drive through. My friend and I went here a couple more times before we started trying out other coffeeshops and my view of this place is still covered in rose colored glasses because of the new friendship blossoming here which is at the real magic of coffeeshops.

 I was told that the Anodyne in Walker’s Point on Bruce is a million times better. So during my team’s most recent excursion, the moment someone mentions picking up coffee there, I’m in!

Later on in the year, a committee I’m on for work meets there and suddenly it becomes a good spot for meetings. Except it wasn’t a sudden thing. Other groups have met there to collaborate. And despite the stage that is meant for events and shows that I have yet to go to, the shop is an open plan filled with long rectangular tables and it practically calls upon large groups.

I don’t think I would go to either of these locations alone to write but I would definitely immediately agree to meeting there for my job or a good friend because I am always here for blossoming friendships and strong professional development surrounded by smell roasting coffee.

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