Coffee Shop Trials: MKE Edition

During the uncertainty of my go-to coffee shop, I explored other shops of course. It’s kind of my hobby. So later in the summer, I went to Alderaan—a Star Wars themed coffee shop. Walking there involves going down a hill and going up that hill on the way back so since it’s started snowing and since I stopped walking to work, I haven’t visited it recently. But I never had bad experience there.

I ordered my drink and took a seat near the big lit up “A” on the back wall. There weren’t many people there, but it also isn’t that much space. There was something comforting to me about the empty small space. There was something quaint and familiar to the barista singing along to the music as she cleans. I say familiar because that was the moment, I started to miss that aspect of my last job–the down time where I cleaned the store and the random shoppers that would come in apologizing for interrupting my solo.

The only downsides were that I chose to sit at one of the high-top tables and did I mention that the giant “A” behind not only lit up but the lights were blinking ones so very few second there would be flashes of light illuminating around me. And my attention was then brought to my talent of constantly making mistakes and feeling too embarrassed to fix it in the moment. So I stayed sitting there dealing with the discomfort.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there are people that wouldn’t care about the blinking light and the high-top table to work at. And if the only problem I can think of was created by my seating choice then I’d say it was a success. The coffee was good and as I found out through my teammates, they get their coffee from a roaster called Anodyne and it’s pretty popular in this area. I love their coffee and every time I go there; the service is always so genuine.

Once it gets warmer again, I won’t mind going there again-especially on my way to work!

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