Coffee Shop Trials: MKE Edition

In July, Brendan and I moved across Lake Michigan to the city of Milwaukee as our first major move as a married couple. After some tears were shed and the in-laws left us in our new place, we eagerly went down to the closest coffee shop. I say “we” but what I really mean is “I” and my husband went along because we still had most things in boxes, and it was easier to go out. The whole reason that I was excited to live in the city was the convenience of having a coffee shop close enough to walk to. But I over thought it and we actually walked an extra block until we got to it.

The café that I’m referring to is Interval. Honestly, I didn’t get the best first impression. It looked upscale and the cold brew coffee that I ordered was actually five dollars (insert upside down smiling emoji). But I kept an open mind. Brendan and I also ordered sausage and egg bagel sandwich, which definitely was delicious and almost worth the price. Despite the prices, I loved the aesthetic and was on the fence about the vibes. So of course, remembering my own advice (always go someplace 3 times before you judge it harshly), I went again. And then I went again. And 6 months later, I am still here. As it turns out If I just order black coffee, it’s only 2 or 3 dollars and that’s fine.

I believe it was the second or third visit that I decided this can be my go-to spot. I was sitting in the corner in a sweatshirt and ripped up shorts and looked up from my laptop, noticing the other patrons of the shop, doing exactly what I’m doing—even they came in sweats to get their shit done. I can’t explain why I feel so off. Even still, it isn’t quite the vibe I would choose for my own shop. But it is cozy enough to come in sweats and get some work done. Which as my long-term followers know, that’s the kind of thing I look for. It’s pretty cool, too, because Interval is seemingly a corner coffee shop tucked into a residential area. So like a neighborhood bar that you can go to in the middle of the day and it’s still socially acceptable.

Interval has without a doubt become my go-to spot when I just need to go somewhere else to focus and get things done. As time goes on, it will probably change but for now, I’ll relax here as a drink and work.

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