Coffee Stained Lens: Ambitious Coffee Drinking

After years of watching my father-in-law drive me to work while balancing a mug filled to the brim of steaming hot coffee, I decided that I could too. In a rush to get ready for the day, I realized I didn’t have any available clean travel mugs after I had already made my coffee. And as my coworker was rounding the corner to pick me up, I had to make a decision. I grabbed one of my deep owl mugs to drink my coffee on the drive there. Everything goes well walking down the stairs and getting in the car but the road was a bumpy one.

“If I spill my coffee on your seats, I will pay to have them clean.”

“I’m more worried that you’re going to spill it on yourself.” My coworker sighs, “please be careful.”

All goes well as she reminds me of a trick that my father in-law mentioned when I tried to be ambitious with my morning coffee like this in the past. Apparently, if you move it with the motions of the car it won’t spill. In theory this not only makes perfect sense but it’s also very easy to do! In practice, this trick still makes sense but it’s far from easy to master. The moment I get this trick down, I’ll admit that I know coffee.

When we finally parked, my coworker looked at my jacket and just said with a friendly smile, “oh Tiler..”

I glance down for just a second and sigh because of course it did not goes as well as I had thought.

Every few months, I get these rushes of ambition. I sign up for a committee. I go out 5 times between being with my husband and my friends within the span of only two days. I take on a new project. I join a gym. I make Instagram posts about “finally doing what I keep saying I’ll do” only to stop it within a week because I like to sleep. I make horrifying commitments in the name of ambition but really, it’s my impulsive tendencies meeting with my productivity and it makes me feel like I can indeed just ride in a car with an open, hot beverage. But I suppose it’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes being impulsive and ambitious pushes me out of my comfort zone and it always teaches me something.

That being said, get ready for my most ambitious feat yet, as I invest in my brand and bring back the Coffee Shop Trials: MKE Edition for a whole week. There are a lot of coffee shops in Milwaukee, however, so I will only be doing a select few and if you have any requests for future trials, let me know!

Happy Caffeination Friends!

Throwback to Springtime in Michigan

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