Boozy Brunches (and Coffee Trials?)

Drunken Coffee…. Irish coffee…call it what you will but it will always be my staple for brunch. It took me no time at all to admit that I love brunch, but it took me moving to a big city to really experience a good brunch experience. Maybe I just hung out with people that never wanted to have brunch or maybe it just wasn’t popular in the small city I lived in for five years. But once I moved to the city, it took less than two months for my work friends to invite my husband and I out for brunch.

Most people when you think of brunch you think of mimosas and if you live Milwaukee you seem to think of Bloody Mary’s. My mother in-law will shake her head reading this like she does every time I cringe at the idea of tomato juice and vodka, but you can hold the juice and splash some of that liquored up cream into my morning coffee, please and thank you! Whether I have a boozy brunch or a sober one, I have to have coffee sitting next to some sweet pancakes or an egg filled burrito.

I know I’ve paused the Coffee Shop Trials but let this be a teaser to the next season because it might be time, I’ve piped up about some of my coffee drinking experiences in “Brew City” a.k.a Milwaukee. To be honest, my high expectations have been let down by the few brunch spots I’ve been to recently and I almost gave up hope. Until one icy morning when some girlfriends dragged me out of my warm apartment to wind up downtown at a brunch place literally called “Brunch.” The food was delicious as to be expected and the atmosphere was cute, blue and very kitschy. I wouldn’t mind going there again for the aesthetic and cozy vibes alone. But to top it off, my favorite part of every brunch experience, the coffee—I had a hazelnut coffee, liquored up of course—was phenomenal! To be honest I haven’t found many good ones. I was starting to think I just didn’t like the taste of Irish coffee but here I am, a week away from that amazing breakfast and coffee still looking back fondly and saying, “that was an all-around delicious time!”   

I’m not sure though it was really the coffee or if it was the company surrounding me. The girl that sat across from me and couldn’t stop gushing over Captain America playing behind me; the giggly friend next to her checking her Bumble; and the friend beside me that I know will always have my back. New places and new friendships are hard but once they’re established maybe you can find where you belong. At least that’s the hope!

Happy Caffeination, Friends!

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