Coffee Shop Dreams and Social Impact

Between all of the professional and personal goals I’ve been setting for myself I’ve come to realize my end goal—having a coffee shop of my own. Not just a regular for-profit coffee shop but a café that provides another public space for people to come and be productive however they please. I’m talking about creating a makers’ space with a café and books and games available for check out. I know—this sounds like a library or something. And when I tell people about my vision, I stumble around this part and say I’m not really sure where this falls into because it’s a business, but I don’t want people to feel pressured to buy something just to use the warm indoor space so I’d rather it be a nonprofit.

Normally it turns into people nodding their head in agreement that it’s confusing on what box to put it in. But this past week, I was talking to my boss’s boss about my future and she practically gives me the words I’ve been looking for and has now sent me articles on what I know now is called Social Entrepreneurship. I suppose it’s a relatively new term for what people have been doing for a while. Like any business it fulfills a need but social enterprises focus on a more basic community need. I don’t know how my future business will turn out—maybe it will be a failure or maybe I’ll end up somewhere else apart of an already established organization/business—but I’m thrilled to have the vocabulary to explain where I want to end up. The magical thing is, I would still be unsure about what words to use if I didn’t speak up while everyone was talking about their future plans. And I happened to say something to a person that had some knowledge about social entrepreneurship, even if it only shoots me in the direction I want to be.

The moral of the story is, don’t be afraid to talk about your goals and visions for yourself and the community you live in. The right person may be listening and ready with information that’s important.

Anyway, Happy Caffeination Friends!

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