Coffee Stained Lens: Holiday Reminder

During Christmas time, I have come accustomed to getting at least one of the following as gifts: Fuzzy socks, pajamas, and coffee mugs.

These are always a given and despite being so far away from family for Christmas this year, I received two out of three things: including a coffee mug.

This mug, given to me by my wonderful Team Leader during the work gift exchange, is decorated with the spines of books written by famous female writers. The legends of whose shoulders I am standing on while I write whatever I want to post on the internet. I know it’s cheesy and some of these women would be considered awful people today but we have to remember who came before us and started a path for us. The truth of the matter is that women had to write under pseudonyms to write at one point.

And personally, I haven’t acknowledged the giants that I’ve been standing on for a while throughout my writing life, my college career, and my professional self. In my head, I have  of course thought, “Man, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the choices of my parents, grandparents, or sisters and brothers even.” I wouldn’t have made it through college without my professors guiding me and pushing me. I almost chose to co-op instead of going to college early until I sat down with the accounting teacher who pushed me to check further into the program. I definitely did a lot of grunt work to be happy but who would I be if I didn’t acknowledge the women that have led me here?  Professionally, I have in the past looked to my mother in-law or my sister for advice about work.

Now as I received this gift from another shoulder to stand on, while with an organization filled with strong leaders that I have to look up to (my site being led by a strong woman who I wish I could be one day), this was what I thought about…as cheesy as it sounds.

And this new addition to my collection will probably always serve that cheesy reminder every time I choose to use it and I’ll welcome it every time. Especially in those moments that I feel particularly drained and uncertain, I can remember how much triumph has been endured to get here.

Maybe. But one thing is for sure: The holidays are over and a new decade is here so may your year be blessed! Happy Caffeination, friends!

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