Coffee Stained Lens: Self care and hair day

I took off work to get my hair done.

A couple of years ago, I started this habit and I don’t regret it. I was working long hours, going to school full time, and my hair was too wild to contain. Not to mention, I was craving a change in color again. So I made a major decision: I skipped a whole school day to have a salon day. That year, I didn’t have work scheduled, but I had a whole day of classes, meetings, and then-some. I cancelled my meetings and when it came time to go to class, I took the bus downtown to the salon. That was the best damn haircut I EVER had. Simply for the fact, I didn’t think about essays, creative writing assignments, required reading, extracurricular agendas–the list could go on, but that day the list and my life was on pause. I got a nice cut and colored my hair. Afterwards, I went to the coffee shop a few blocks down and grabbed a cupcake on the way back to meet my boo.

It was the start of something dangerous and beautiful. Burnt out is real and until I made that choice, I didn’t know how to deal with it. A year later, I was at the same point in my mental health so I dropped everything to get my hair done and get coffee on a Thursday.

It’s perfection.

This year I didn’t do exactly that, but I did take a weekend to go back to Bay City to visit family… and during that time, I took several hours to get my hair done. I didn’t even have to get coffee afterwards because my hairstylist made me a cup while I was waiting for the dye to set in. I came back to work the following Tuesday rejuvenated after that coffee and hair time and that’s a beautiful thing about a good hair salon

So this morning while you’re sipping on that piping hot coffee, take a deep breath and sink into your seat for a while because burnout is real and we all need breaks here and there.

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