Coffee Stained Lens: Magic? In the morning? On a Tuesday?

Mornings sound so magical sometimes….

Some people just wake up and have magical mornings. Every. Single. Morning. They wake up and do things like read and exercise. I imagine they rise with the sun, roll out of bed with a smile on their face, and open the window to breathe in fresh air and sing with the flippin’ birds. (All of this on a workday, mind you.)

If it were me–if I had a magical morning, I would roll out of bed, rising with the sun, open the window just to hear the flippin birds sing and I would start the coffee. While I start the coffee, perhaps my husband would be waking up with me and making me breakfast because during a magical morning, you have time to make and eat breakfast. And you know, even during a magical morning, I would probably need someone else to make the breakfast due to the lack of time. I would get dressed, do my makeup real nice and be ready before breakfast is done. My husband and I would drink coffee at the table and eat breakfast while we read actual books.

Better yet, I would go for a morning walk through the park before the husband even wakes up to make breakfast—the breakfast and coffee that we can sit down and read over together as we prepare for our day ahead.

But when I have to be somewhere before 9, I hit snooze ten times.

And sometimes my husband just sleeps in because he works a later schedule than I do. I never have time for a breakfast bigger than a granola bar and sometimes I forget to eat before I get to work. Sure, I could prep my breakfast the night before, but the night before I prep my lunch and coffee and that’s enough prep for me. Making coffee is the only reason why I ever get up on time when I actually get up on time. I’m trying to break the habit of buying coffee at a local coffeeshop, but I have 20 minutes between the two busses I take to get to work and it’s. Right. There.

Who am I to deny myself of a 2-dollar coffee? A girl who lives on a stipend. That’s who!

So I sit down at the bus stop, on a cold concrete wall, convincing myself that I make better coffee than that barista in the coffee shop next door.

But after my moment of bitterness, I take a sip of my coffee and reflect. The reflection in that moment in which time almost stops is the magic that everyone should strive to have in their mornings. I take a deep breath and watch the city streets build with movement, traffic, honking, cars rushing, tourists or businessmen rushing past with no glance or whisper towards their surroundings. The wind can be harsh in the winter and I’m sure as it gets colder it won’t be as calming but for now, this is my moment of solace–my moment of gratitude. This is the magic that I dream about when I imagine waking up happy.

This is what morning people feel right when they wake up, lace up their shoes and run.

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