Coffee Shop Trials–Live Oak (Bay City)

The morning after the wedding, we rolled out of our hotel bed and walked across the street to Live Oak Coffeehouse (the Bay City location). Admittedly, we were about as hungover as 20-somethings could possibly be. But, we finally got married after 5 years of dating so the happiness cut through our aches and pains as if they were just slabs of butter. It was decided—we just needed some coffee to wake up and get going.

Now this company has two (2) locations: Bay City, MI and Midland, MI. Their Midland location is where they started from what I know and then they opened up shop in Bay City. Because I haven’t been to the Midland location, I’m only reviewing Live Oak—Bay City in this blog post.

Live Oak is nestled near the lake front of Uptown Bay City. I probably won’t be going to Live Oak often just because of this location and the fact that I’m never even near Uptown but if I lived closer, then I would definitely visit this coffeeshop more. Not quite because of the coffee but because the service was probably the best service I’ve ever gotten in a long time in any kind of establishment.

The barista was perky, friendly, and seemed to have been made for the service industry. I don’t remember her name, but I wish I did. She definitely made my experience sweeter. As for the coffee itself, it’s not the cheapest in Bay City by far but it was nice and dark—just what I needed for my morning!

The interior of the shop was covered in chairs, tables and plant life. The lighting wasn’t awfully bright and their menu on the wall was digital. But the most exciting decoration for the easily amused (hungover Tiler) would have to be the “like” counter on the ledge above the barista station that changed every time they received a “like” on their Facebook page. I know it works, because I got suckered into “liking” their Facebook page by it.

We cozied up near a lamp and just sat, taking sips and eating a muffin so I suppose you can say the ambiance mixed with a friendly barista made for a peaceful visit at the Live Oak Coffeehouse.

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