Coffee Wedding Favors

While planning our wedding, my husband and I didn’t really want to do wedding favors because we didn’t think they were important or useful. We just figured they would be time and money consuming when we could use our resources elsewhere. But, as I’m sure most people who planned a wedding will say, things changed. We received more financial help than we thought we would and despite the short engagement, we had plenty of time to get artsy.  So, it was time to decide what we wanted to do for our wedding favors.

At first, we were thinking Hangover Kits. We found some cute ideas on Pinterest for what to include in them and we just had to order everything. Then, of course, we changed our minds…changed our minds a couple of times. Finally, with a lot of help from my mother-in-law, we landed on what turned out to be the perfect favor for Brendan and I: coffee and tea!

You see, while I’m a die-heart coffee lover, my husband could take it or leave it as long as he had some tea (hence why he always orders chai teas). So, having some bags of tea and some of coffee beans made the perfect sense for us as a couple. Of course, we used some inspiration on Pinterest to put what to say on the bags:

*Before I get too much into how they were created, I have to give a lot of props to mother-in-law and her Cricket obsession. *

First, we got our supplies:

  • About 60 small burlap sacks or drawstring bags
  • Vinyl for the lettering (we used a Cricket to print out the labels on vinyl)
  • Teabags (We used a nice brand of Early Grey)
  • Whole Coffee Beans (I got an assortment of beans from Populace Coffee and some Kona coffee)

Then my mother-in-law did her crafty magic with the Cricket and printed off the Vinyl, in which we then had to iron onto the bags.

Finally, we scooped the beans into the bags with black vinyl and put about 5-8 tea bags into each of the bags with white vinyl and ta-da! The favors were complete. Of course it was much more time consuming to actually make them that to type this post.

The end product and display that we had set up for guests was perfect though! 

Photo Credit: Holli Johnson

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