Coffee Shop Trials–Einstein Bros. Bagels

20180828_110708It’s my last semester so I’m nostalgic as I sit in the coffee shop that started it all. I started at SVSU as a senior in High School through an early college program, so I was still a bit of a baby but eager to be an adult. Now while I’ve mentioned my first coffee shop before, there’s one coffee shop that started my addiction to coffee and honestly this place is why I have high expectations for my daily dose.

There are two shops on campus–Starbucks and Einstein Bros. Bagels. My early college classes were all housed next to the bagel shop. A friend of mine–who was lazy but cute–asked me to go get him a coffee. He handed me some cash and having a crush on him, I went to the shop and ordered him a drink….then decided to order and buy myself drink.  I got a macchiato because the name sounded fun. That’s where my tastes for coffee developed along with many of my soft skills for college.

Bringing it back to this semester, I found myself salty for having a couple classes in the one building not attached to the rest of the campus. So of course, I immediately gravitated to getting a cup of my favorite coffee on campus–

Einstein’s is kind of a smaller chain, but the one on Saginaw Valley’s campus is the only one around here. They’re known for their delicious bagels (hence the name) to most, but to many Cardinals their coffee is just as good! However it’s a little bit more expensive than Starbucks which is unfortunate. (TIP FOR LOCALS/STUDENTS: refills are $1!!) This year, I noticed, that they have a different menu than in the past. I’m not sure when the changes occured and I was very skeptical at first, but don’t worry about it because the coffee is still top notch!

At this point in my college career I normally just go for plain black coffee with a splash of creamer here because it smells heavenly and tastes just as heavenly. The blend I always go for is a Vanilla Hazelnut Roast and when I bring that around my job, coworkers get a little jealous because it’s that good. So if you’re around SVSU, new to campus, or whatever it may be, you won’t be disappointed with the taste…..though the price may be a different matter.


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