Coffee Shop Trials– Gloria Jean’s Coffees

20180823_163429While wandering around Great Lakes Crossings (after the aquarium of course), we came across a coffee shop that wasn’t Starbucks or Tim Hortons. It was a must to check it out and I’m so grateful we did.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees has several delicious treats curated into coffee blends–I say it like this because for each flavor of coffee they have, they have beans, that you can purchase, of that flavor. For instance, I chose a speciality drink called a Red Velvet Latte and the barista kindly showed me and let me smell some red velvet coffee beans. They smelled as heavenly as the drink was. Personally, I didn’t know that was possible nor have I been to a coffee shop that makes their beans to match their flavors. Most shops that I’ve been to have syrups to create different speciality drinks and they seem to always use the same coffee blend or espresso. The syrup method makes it really difficult to make it yourself at home–buying the beans of the flavor you like is honestly a great idea. We decided to buy one for Brendan’s parents to try called “Chocolate Raspberry Truffle.” We are excited to see if it lives up to my expectations.  The craziest thing is that this wasn’t the only unique thing about our drinks.

The first thing that caught our eyes was a poster that shows a Pistachio flavored latte and frozen drink on it. I know what you’re thinking: that sounds kind of weird. BUT never fear, the pickiest eater I know (Brendan, my boo) tried the Pistachio Chiller and he LOVED it. It was around five dollars and he said he felt like he under paid for it. So if you find yourself at Great Lakes Crossings, or in Gloria Jean’s other locations, feel free to stop in and try it if you like Pistachios. There are also several other flavors that I wish I was able to try, like a Smores’ one but unfortunately, we stuck to one drink each for the sake of our wallets.

Now if you don’t live in Michigan or near Auburn Hills to check it out, never fear!  Because after doing some research on their website I found several locations in states such as Wisconsin, Illinois, Pennsylvania and even Ohio. While I can’t say how the those franchises are, I can tell you that the store in Great Lakes Crossings is definitely worth a visit while you’re shopping or even after you’ve checked out the aquarium.

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