Back to School (coffee) Advice

It’s back to school time again, which means I have to clean out my backpack that’s been chilling around all summer, organize my binders for classes, think about lunches, and of course—figure out my coffee dilemma! Luckily, after five years of college and managing this caffeine addiction I’m not actually worried about it. So, for those of you just going to college, or who have a busy schedule let me share a few tips and tricks that I have learned or have been told to do:

#1. Don’t get addicted to coffee?

Freshmen, I know you’re going to hop in line at Starbucks within the first week but if you’re not a coffee drinker try some healthier ways to maintain energy like sleeping well, eating a good breakfast, and exercising—or start with tea. It might make things easier, cheaper and honestly, it’s best to get into those good habits as soon as possible. Of course if you’re reading this chances are slim that you don’t already love a good cup of coffee in the morning.

#2. Make your coffee at home or in your dorm. (At least the first cup of the day!)

Kroger was selling standard coffee machines for under 15 dollars the last time I saw. Next to buying a stapler and a printer, it’s the best investment you may make towards your degree. If you’re like me and you’re rushing out the door on your early mornings and don’t have time to wait for the coffee to brew, here’s a couple solutions to consider:

a. Set up your coffee maker the night before. Make sure your coffee grounds are in the filter and ready to go for the morning, and add water so that way all you have to do, is turn it on when you wake up. Just don’t forget to pour some into a cup/mug when you run out the door. (I also met someone who has her coffee pot next to her bed!)

b. If you’re living with your parents or there are multiple people in the house/dorm, work with them. Whoever gets up first can just make a whole pot of coffee so everyone can get their fix before it’s time for the day. Some of my greatest mornings start off with me in a rush to leave and Brendan’s dad offering me coffee that’s already been made. Just don’t forget to show your gratitude for it!

c. If you’d prefer iced coffee anyway, make your coffee the night before and stick it in the fridge…. or make some delicious cold brew. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, having Cold Brew in the fridge has been a lifesaver for my busy weeks! 10/10—would recommend!


#3.  Because we don’t live in a perfect world, have multiple to-go cups.

There will be days, maybe weeks, where you won’t prep your meals or coffee.

There will be days, maybe weeks, where you will need more than just one cup in the morning.

And those days, you’ll step in line at your university’s coffee shop. Which is fair and valid but remember that university food and drinks cost a hella lot so here’s a tip especially for my locals who go to SVSU: BRING A TO-GO CUP. Put one in your bag and put one in your car because at Saginaw Valley State University you can go to anywhere that sells coffee on campus and get a refill for a dollar. And if you don’t like black coffee, using a reusable cup will still save you money on a specialty drink. Now, I’m the worst person to preach this because I forget to wash my mugs after I use them, but this is something we all need to do better to amp up our coffee experience AND protect our environment. I found some cheap ones at Walmart just yesterday. So, while you’re shopping for school supplies, if it can fit your budget and fit your needs, invest in a spare travel mug. You will be so thankful in the middle of the semester when you’re broke and need and extra kick.


I hope these tips work well for ya’ll if I find more, I will for sure let you know. And if there are any suggestions that you have, also let the coffee community know!

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