Coffee Shop Trials– Harless & Hugh

Harless&Hugh CoffeeI woke up perkier than usual this morning, so I did my makeup, went for a walk, hopped on the early bus, and strolled into Harless & Hugh for my daily dose of caffeine. Harless is decorated with black walls, dim lighting with bright white accents. The counter has a few bar stools in front to sit near the barista’s station. Three older gentlemen seemed comfortable sitting there. I ordered a Macchiato with hazelnut—feeling a little extra I also ordered a cinnamon roll.  

Honestly, this would have been the worst time to come in if I were some snooty coffeeshop/coffee critic. It was 7 in the morning on a Thursday and they had 3 customers. They aren’t ready to start brunch until 8am. To top it off the cinnamon roll didn’t have much frosting on it like I prefer it. BUT because I’m a college girl with a blog just trying to figure stuff out, I enjoyed it nonetheless! They just opened up for the day and the barista was ready and doing well. Also, as someone who works in the food industry, I can say opening sucks when people come in first thing in the morning. While I was eating and sipping my coffee, I overheard the barista mention that she recently started working there, and I was in amazement. My coffee was damn good! She brought my cinnamon roll to me after warming it up on a clean plate and left me to relax by the plants that laced the front windows.  While Harless isn’t my first choice, it has a pretty tame and cozy vibe which is great for quiet mornings like this one. In the past I’ve been here when they were busy and when it was later in the day.  Some days it’s pumping and bursting at the seams with business-people on their cell phones and students studying. Other moments, it’s like the Thursday morning scene; calm and ready for the day…. also, the cinnamon rolls are always a delicious option so despite my one bad experience with it, I’ll get one again. I always tell myself, before commenting on an establishment go there twice, three times even, because sometimes your first impression could just be an off day.  

So Harless & Hugh in Bay City: I give you an ‘A’ still, even though it’s not my personal favorite. They have pretty good drinks; good food and the baristas know what they’re doing. It doesn’t make it to my #1 but if you like your coffee shops to be minimalist and eclectic but darker, check it out for sure! Some baristas act like they don’t want me there, however, this new girl–she was a sweetheart. The only downside is, as always, the price. Although, my Macchiato was only three dollars with the added hazelnut so…in retrospect would it have been a good idea to skip the four-dollar cinnamon roll?  

Maybe for my bank account. But maybe not for my tummy.

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