Coffee Shop Trials- Coffee Chaos

20180814_120758Today as I was in my hometown doing some errands, I stopped by a coffee shop that has earned a special place in my heart: Coffee Chaos located right in Midland, Mi.

Now Midland has had several improvements since I lived there four years ago so there have been several additions to the coffee shop roster, however Coffee Chaos has been there for a while! I went there once with some girlfriends our sophomore or junior year of high school and it was the first time I have ever gone to a coffee shop to just sit down, have a drink and chat.

It was the middle of winter and there were at least six of us that met up that evening. This shop back then was not built for big groups to come in like a herd so we squeezed onto the mandatory circle of couches and chairs. I honestly don’t remember much other than some of the gossip and laughter that flew between us.

Today, I dragged my boyfriend in wanting my caffeine fix before work and maybe it’s because I’m graduating college, or because my sister just got married but I was overcame with nostalgia, despite not even remembering what I drank that evening. While I’ve stumbled upon a couple other shops downtown, I never felt the power of a coffee shop until then–my artsy and adventurous friends all sitting around a coffee table, just enjoying the moment…..but then as I sat down with boyfriend today on a newer couch in that same spot, I laugh at how adult we must have felt sitting around that coffee table chatting, unknowing but excited. That group of girls were what you would call fearless for sure!

This morning it was clearly not the same as it used to be. Nothing ever is. If six of us came in for some evening coffee, we would have more room, and instead of ordering hot chocolate some of us would order double shots of espresso. Nothing is ever the same but that coffee was as good as the company that I had five or six years ago and it was as good as the company I had this morning.

I had Frozen White Mocha and Brendan had a Vanilla Latte. Couple of classics from a classic place (in my heart). 10/10–would recommend for any
Mid-Michigan dwellers.

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